Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Yeah Baby...Put It ALL On !!!

Tsubi jeans.

I don't get the phenomenon, I really don't.
I'd give you a link, but there is none- they're that cool.

To be honest, I like their stuff, but i don't need to buy it, because I have plenty of distressed jeans already.

I got them by buying them new 7 years ago, and riding dirtbikes in them.
Or by wearing them every night I played a show.
Or by accidentally leaving my keys in the pocket when I put them through the wash- every time.

Not by paying some pretty boys from Bondi to take an angle grinder to them, then picking them up (with added markup) at some boutique store on Chapel Street, so I can look like a bunch of people I think are idiots, who all want to look like me in the first place...until the next trend comes along, anyway.

Are ya feelin' me baby?

I've come to the conclusion that street fashion (as opposed to 'haute couture'), is, was, and always will be, a joke.

But only the designers are laughing.

So here is my new range!!!

It's all about TF4E, yo.

Now all we need is an actual Team Fizli (instead of the pretend one we have now), and we're in biznit.

Start returning my emails, motherfuckers.

While I'm bitching and moaning, I'd just like to send a big "fuck you" out to the ignorant cunt that does voice-overs for channel 9.

Or should I say, spectacularly mispronounces everyone's name.

It's Christina Ricci (Ree-chi), not 'Ree-key'.
Joe Mantegna, (Man-tay-nya), not 'Man-teg-na'. get the idea.

Learn to pronounce celebrities names, if you're going to be hyping them on the telly, stupid fuck.

I so want to meet this crap artist, so I can mispronounce his name, then have him correct me.
Then, just keep on getting it wrong, to his face!

Hell yeah!

Then I'd shoot whoever had the great idea to make the ads louder than the shows, and torture to death the person who makes the ads that come on every summer, where the voice over shouts so hard, it sounds like the guys anus is gonna prolapse any second.

Hey, my name's 'knifey', what do you want from me here?

This place in North Melbourne is cute though...

Thank you, and good night.

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.


Kitten said...

Hey sweet-stuff.....I'll take the pink one, extra small and tight..

Id actually read your post , but The world wont stop spinning. *sadness, the like that knows no bounds*

catch up with you soon.


la nadine said...

i'll take the black one please. but in a girlie size and MUCH lower cut.

Lee Lee said...

If Book Book has a ‘Ms Fits on This’ shirt, then I’m in for a Team Fizli

Alli said...

yea. i found your blog when i was trying to figure out what the fuck colloquial is. i still dont know but its such a long word it cant be that important. your music is skills.

knifey said...

thanks alli!

Definition: [adj] characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation; "wrote her letters in a colloquial style"; "the broken syntax and casual enunciation of conversational English"

it's slang, yo.

Alli said...

um, yes. got it.
anywho-dilly i like yer shirts.
you should sell em, they'd be a hit fo sho.

Dxxxx said...

Skills............dude, Skills !!!!!!!!!

knifey said...

fluffy said...

gah! if i'd known you'd done GOOD tshirts i never would have done CRAPPY ones the day after. fuck i'm so embarassed. thinking seriously of deleting my merch post now :o( i will have one of everything thanks they are awesome.