Monday, September 29, 2014

Ten Years Later (AC/DC LANE SIGN, PART 3).

So if you ever read this or this, you probably won't be surprised to be reading this...

The skinny is, this Wednesday (October 1, 2014), I'm unveiling this:

Actually, I'm unveiling three of them.

And before they're even up, word has been spreading all over the interwebs in quite a delightful way. So rather than going over how I made them (been there, done that), I'm just going to post some of the things I've seen posted online over the last few days.

It's pretty amazing how much a few simple points can be misquoted, so just to clear up the confusion in some of the pieces below...

-I was the guy who put up the first lightning bolt in ACDC Lane.
-The National Collection requested a replica lightning bolt, not a picture of one.
-Cherry isn't doing free beers all night, just a couple of kegs to kick it off.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens once they're all up :)