Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I had a dream once too.

And that dream was, to unite talented people from all over the blogosphere, in order to positively affect, nurture, and stimulate culture in the places we live.

I have had great success in this endeavour, having met and shared ideas with some truly inspirational and exciting personalities.

Plans have started to be drawn up...big ones!

And that is just what the Doctor (or the hot model in the nurses outfit on my bed) ordered.

But all is not fun and games in knifeyland tonight, because it has come to my attention that this little dream of mine has hit an iceberg.

Not a particularly big iceberg, but a frosty and totally unnecessary jagged outcropping nonetheless.

It has become increasingly obvious, that some individuals have a different agenda, and that agenda is, to use the blogosphere as a means of increasing their popularity, without 'giving up the goods'.

I don't like it.

It's all a bit 'Beverly Hills 90210' right now, a bit 'O.C', a bit 'Bold and they think they're Beautiful, but on the inside they're actually Pretty Unattractive'.

Dare I say it, a bit 'Cheerleaders and Jocks' Vs. Geeks and Nerds'.

As undeniably cool as I am, and as much as I like being one of the cool people too, I have less than no interest in turning my blog into a MySpace/Friendster-style 'Adore me Here' kind of thing.

I'd rather be a nerd, any day.

It's nice to be adored, and I sure do want it, but to be honest, I'd rather be positive and productive, and enjoy realness and relationships with people.

So no, I won't see any of you for xXxmas Parties, and I don't really want to meet you if I haven't already. Don't invite me out for dinner or drinks. Give my Grogblogging invitation to someone else. I'd like to regain some kind of anonymity here,

Blog celebrity is just embarassing.

If I link to you, it's because I want others to read you, not because I want you to link me back, so we can be popular togetha 4 eva.

You have to understand 99% of my talk on here is just for fun, I really don't mind if you hate what I write, or think differently, or...anything at all.

Vive le/la (I can never remember) difference!

If I want to meet you, it's because we connect, and I'm excited by your mind.

Your body is irrelevant.

And I know there is a lot of sexy (read: downright grubby) talk that goes on in this corner of the internerd, and that's nothing short of awesome.

But what you look like really is irrelevant.

So is what you do for a living, what clothes you wear, how much you can drink, or who you know that may be impressive to your hairdresser.

Realness. Get some.

This isn't meant to be some exclusive club, or some impenetrable ring where people who aren't cool (as dictated by the scene) must be shut out and ignored.

In my experience, the beautiful people are the ones who should be locked out.

The nerds are the ones who have had to struggle to develop a personality, and to rise above the stinking tide of shit they were flung into by self-appointed arbiters of style and social relevance.

I know this, I'm a total nerd, albeit one who is a self-appointed arbiter of style and social relevance.

So if you're all about being the most popular, and knowing the right people, and being exclusive, fuck off.

For real.

For the rest of you, I hope you have fun when you visit me, that's what it's for.

I hope you get at least one belly laugh a week out of me, I'm doing my best for you, I really am.

I hope you learn a thing or two about a thing or two also, education rocks hardcore 4 eva.

And I hope most of all that if you have an idea for music or art or words or design or fashion or architecture or robotics, or anything at all, that you will share it, and come join my crew, so we can realise it, and unleash it on the world.

My crew is called THE SEX PIXELS.

Let's fucking rock !!!

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.


Kitten said...

Was it something I said? Is it all the "beautiful people" I hang around with at my hairdressers? I mean, I like a good tongue lashing as much as th next gal, um..probably more....but Im so confused now!

I,m sorry you are semi-disillusioned. I'm disillusioned 90% of the time....

xo :)

Tillops said...

Sign me and Scarlett up. I read dictionaries and she reads Star Trek novels. You want the do-it-coz-we-wanna-and-fuck-all-you-coolio-pricks crew, then you got it right here.


You've Got What I Need... said...

UMM... I luv you too.

You've Got What I Need... said...

That is a completly un-ironic sentiment, and to qualify it, I mean it in a "like I love Joyce" sort of way. Thinking love. Maybe the very best kind.

The Pink Kitty said...

1) I LOVE nerds. A lot. I really do. (Geeks too but not dorks ;)
2) Sex Pixels, you needn't say anymore. I so want to belong with!
3) I adore you because of your wit and your ability to make me laugh :) (you're sexy looks are only a small part of it. really, only a small part ;)

ms fits said...

Wait Knifey, have you just started TWO groups?

How can one man live it so hard?

Dorks rule forevz, by the by. Particularly bookish girls with over-active imaginations.

fluffy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sherriff said...

What has brought this on Oh-Knifey?

Kitten said...

Sex Pixels....like 4eva!!

Lee Lee said...

I still think you missed a damn fine ducking!

You are like Anthony Edwards, a totally real and hot nerd.

CrazyMrT said...

I enjoy your blog, and nicely put.

mscynic said...

You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you, don't youNutshell - me! Check your email. Hope you're feeling better soon.

knifey said...


Psst, it's me! said...

Damn! I guess I won't invite you to come to the US for my XxXmas party then. I was soooo going to invite all the random people from the blogosphere!

About the whole "weirdos in the same town" phenomenon you've got going on over there - just get rid of your city name in your profile, and the locals will quit looking you up.

I didn't want any crazies from my own hometown reading my retarded rants, so I'm just Mara from Washington state. Crazies from the other side of the globe - doesn't matter to me. They'd have to be some mad stalkers to find me.

By the way, am I a cheerleader?

Alli said...

how come everything you say seems so well thought out?!
anyways i dont know if i really got what you said exactly but i like where you're coming from. your blog is swell.

Jack Naka said...

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