Thursday, September 23, 2004

...she breeds insects.

her hair is brown, her skin is brown, her eyes are brown, and her lips are, well, brown.
her teeth are white, so are the whites of her eyes.
that's why they call them that.

but really, how can i describe her in words?
the reason she is so beautiful, is that it's nothing short of shocking to see her for the first time,
and to be honest, the second as well.

your heart beats faster as you try to rationalise the existence of this freak of nature.
she doesn't smile, she grins.
and it just kills you to see it.
a big, lopsided, easy grin.
you wonder what she would look like in your bed the morning after...
...after you'd spent the whole night single-mindedly messing up her hair.

of course she lives in sydney.

is she stoned, or just really groovy?
she sits in the corner, softly glowing, like a peach flavoured light bulb.
even the cat looked expensive.
you want to own her, but you know the repayments are too high.
and the craziest thing is, she likes you anyway, and can't stop holding your hand, snuggling into you at the party.
that grin again.
cotton underwear.

she looks exquisite and surprised, for all the world like the orphan in
delacroix' playground...

and you wish you could stop objectifying her for a minute, futile as it is.
like believing in jesus when the mothership touches down, and all the unarians climb onboard, laughing and pointing.

like believing in jesus at all.

at least now you know your place - you are lost, of course!
what an awesome predicament!

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