Thursday, September 23, 2004

Numero Uno.

I tried, honestly I did.

But this internerd addiction has fully taken over, and there's no point denying it any longer. So here i am metaphorically stuffing the last of myself into my computer, after just flirting with it by sticking an arm into friendster, a leg into myspace, my hairstyle into, & my sex organs into

Usual Disclaimer: I have no idea who or what I'm doing this for...hopefully someone will visit and have a laugh, or learn from one of my many available mistakes. Maybe you like graff, so I'll post some pictures. Maybe you like music, so I'll let you know about some bands you may never hear of otherwise.

Anyway, feel free to blame this individual, as she's my inspiration for taking the plunge. Understand we've never met, and I don't have my own radio show, but she still got me started regardless.

So, I'm saying goodbye to the world of flesh and blud (I can spell, I'm just being postmodern again), giving up on getting out of bed before 5pm, and into it before the morning, and pressing enter.

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.

1 comment:

ms fits said...

Okay, but can you please not always post nine things at one time? It just took me two coffees to get through your stuff - lovely though it is.

Also, if you keep posting nine things then you will look way more impressive and dedicated than me, and I shall be forced to kill you.