Saturday, January 24, 2009

Graf paper ark scrolls.

When you're quiet you can hear it.

It keeps you awake the night before a job interview. It makes it hard to concentrate when you're trying to do your taxes. It's louder when you're fucking, when Van Halen comes on the radio, when your best friend calls you from their car mid road trip a thousand miles away.

That thud thud thudding, steady radio static enveloping your every waking moment from the back of your consciousness, reminding you of why we're all here. It accelerates with a glimpse, with a sound or a taste, and it leaves you breathless at times, swelling that gland that regulates hope.

...It speaks to us and drives us, it makes us be.

And right now it screams at me like a raised visor on a land speed record, it's all I know. It's making me gag, forcing more of itself into my lungs, and I love it. My ears vibrate to breaking point, I have tears on my cheeks, and my heart feels like it will burst. I can hear it's voice, it's sound, it's name.

And it repeats again and again, like vinyl, like an urgent sigh..."The Future".

Stop looking behind you, it's just dust now. Head for that light, because that's where you are already. Find yourself, and RISE...

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah...the future....yay....look ahead....look forward.....