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Babylon The Great

Humanity has had a long running and passionate obsession with its cities for thousands of years now. And while they have mutated into enormous metropoli in the post-Industrial Revolutionary climate, their purposes remain basically unchanged. It takes many types of people to make a city work, just like in an ant colony, only more diverse, and with increasingly sophisticated technology. But for all our collective diversity, there remain very few people, statistically speaking, who are actually privy to the full extent of what goes on in any given city.

Ant city.

Behind the bright lights and towers of shining glass lie many secrets, some of which, are never revealed to the public at large. The kinds of things only emergency workers, coroners, criminals, or the elite get the opportunity to witness. So when you go out to 'bar whatevz', and you're getting drunk with the crew from your office, you tend to think about having a good time, and forgetting whatever stresses you may have in your life. But you would be shocked and amazed to discover what may be happening on the other side of the wall. It's not all retail and cuisine and nightlife.

Blissfully unaware.

Long after you've gone home to sleep, the
city moves on without you. And rather than being glitz and money, the city is a cesspit where things fall in and die. Cities have many stories, most of which remain untold, and will stay that way forever. And the most frightening aspect is, that not only do those in positions of power and priveledge know of this dark side, they are always the ones who sanction and protect it.

Expenses tastes demand varied and unusual flavours.

'nuff said.

Of course some of these goings-on are relatively innocuous, depending on
how it affects you, such as the movie theatre where original prints of every movie that has ever been shown there, from Star Wars to Ben Hur , remain behind the screen in a massive mountain, to this day. Normally, once a run is finished, the reels are sent back to the distributor, but in this case, literally millions of dollars of movies are 'archived' behind the screen. Of course the old celluloid movies have all decomposed into a fire risk of unbelievable proportions, but that's not really evil, per se. Just interesting.

I'm not sure what it is about me that gives me access to these people, but for some reason, whenever I visit a new city, I usually find myself neck deep in its guts within a few hours of arriving there. I love city streets, and like a tumbleweed, I get picked up along the way, and taken to places and situations within these cities that are both unusual and often quite dangerous. It is as if the people who create these pockets of difference seek to grab my attention, to get my stamp of approval on their wicked deeds. To share the fruits of their labour, their passions, with me who they believe will appreciate and understand them. I don't understand them, and their ravenous and destructive motivations. And it makes me wonder what is wrong with me that they would assume I would share their taste, or be like them. These situations and encounters show to me the very basest desires and behaviours of humanity, and the frightening thing is, we are all capable of these same desires. We just have to burn out the receptors for all other reasonable forms of pleasure and entertainment. Some think of it as evolution.

Tiktaalik roseae - the missing link between sea and land creatures. You are directly related to this 9 foot long fish.

We'll deal with it as fiction. I'll lay it out as a tall tale, so you can rest at night, and not fear that the next time you buy groceries, you'll be thrown into a van in the parking lot, and taken to another a place, where you will live out the remaining hours of your life in utter terror, because those with power seek to enjoy your disposable flesh. Because you are an ant, and the Queen and her soldiers require of you your death and suffering and misery, to simply pass the time. Because in cities, we individually amount to nothing.

Ant graveyard.

Actually, no I won't.
I'm going to name names. I'll tell you exactly who did what, and you can finally get a sense of what happens around you every day, no matter what city in the world you live in. At the time of posting, there are 6,616,578,315 people alive in the world, with 211,090 new citizens born today. I'm sorry to say this, but in that seething biomass of humanity, you are not remotely unique or important. You are worthless. And the power elite know it. While you think you're safe in your democratized society, getting your colon cleansed and reading the newspaper on the train, you are one decision away from not existing, every minute of every day. Your survival is frail at best.

Once in a while, you read about 'the cliche'. The cliche is that situation
that has been repeating itself endlessly in most large cities of the West, since the late 1800's. It is when a beautiful young girl, a model usually, but sometimes a singer, or an actress, simply disappears. She disappears, with no sign of a struggle, nothing unusual, except her notable and continuing absence. Family and friends are all mystified and shattered, knowing that she was a clean living person (at best) or just a harmless party girl at worst. She had no enemies, in fact she was generally adored by those around her. You have seen this girl in your life. You have passed her on the street with her oversized sunglasses on, or passing in a taxi.

Read on for her story...

You wonder who she is and where
she's going, and fantasize that you know her. Or you see her at a party, and dream of being able to effortlessly penetrate the wall of sycophants that surround her, adoring her and warming her ego with their tongues and wide eyes, for you to win her friendship or more. To bask in her attention.

The girl in the picture above was a succesful model, named
Altantuya Shaaribuu. She was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and was fluent in Mongolian, Russian, French and English. She worked part time as a teacher and translator, and died in October 2006, at the age of 28. Her remains were found in the city of Shah Alam in Malaysia, a victim of murder. She is one of the few that have been found.

I met Altantuya in France when she was attending modelling school, where she called herself 'Anna'. She was extremely intelligent and knew exactly what she wanted out of life, with plan after plan of business ideas (fashion/textiles, tour operations), mainly based back in her homeland of Mongolia, and also in Hong Kong. She was driven, to say the least, and travelled in very high circles. She gravitated towards money, and powerful people.

And it was these high circles of power and influence that ultimately killed her.


Altantuya ended up in a relationship with
Abdul Razak Baginda, a Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur. Baginda is an internationally known academic, with a bachelors degree in politics and government, a masters degree in war studies, and a D.Phil in international relations. He started a think tank called the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre in 1993, and in 2002, brokered a deal between the French Government and the Royal Malaysian Navy of French Scorpene submarines, worth USD 800 million. The French rewarded him for this with the Légion d'honneur. He is an advisor to the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Razak, and is involved heavily in Malaysian Defence contracts worth millions of dollars.


Without trying to surround myself with too much drama, you are reading about one seriously heavy motherfucker here, who the French Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure will go to great lengths to protect. If I come up missing for telling you this, you know already who did it. And before you laugh, I should inform you that just for reading this post, you now have your own intelligence files in France, Malaysia, and therefore Interpol and C.I.A. You read this, they track you, and flag whatever you read or do that is even remotely related from this point on. Your whole life story is on file, unless you live in New Zealand, where Government co-operation with the French is limited, if that. Unfortunately, even this can't guarantee protection, as the N.Z. S.A.S. is the training ground for the paramilitary
Unit Tindakan Khas, which I will get to in a minute.

Baginda had an affair with Altantuya in Hong Kong in 2005, where she had gone to open a new business. He was already marrried to ex Malaysian magistrate and lawyer Mazlinda, and it is this relationship, along with the French connection, that saved him when he had two officers from The Royal Malaysian Special Action Unit murder
Altantuya by shooting her twice, and then destroying her body with military grade C-4 explosive. The officers names are Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar. They are both members of the Unit Tindakan Khas, or U.T.K, and are ridiculously highly trained and specialised tactical specialists.

If you wake up to the UTK, you're dead. No question.

Altantuya was killed because Baginda wanted to keep their affair quiet, and in the end, only DNA analysis of her found bone fragments could be used to identify her, as Composition 4 explosive has the destructive power to destroy solid steel. Baginda's political influence internationally, due to his power to garner huge sums of money for the French, and domestically due to his Government connections, and his wifes power within the judicial system made him a valuable asset. Because of this, he has so far managed to avoid justice for abetting in the UTK murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu. "Abetting" is a legal term which obviously means offering USD $30,000 to the State Security Force for a contract killing to protect the reputation of a military advisor who is having an affair.

What I'll tell you next is something you definitely don't know about, and I have to warn you again... If you read this, and you're at all sensitive, it will give you nightmares for the rest of your life.

Every now and then the plight of sex slaves in places like Thailand and Laos comes to light, and it breaks your heart to read about little girls, sold into prostitution because their families are so poor, and used by men who have no interest in where they come from or what they are going through, because again, they are disposable. What a lot of people don't know is, that this practice also exists in supposedly civilised Europe, in countries like Germany, Italy, Greece, Bosnia, and Turkey.

Prostitute in Germany.

Girls from
Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania are bought from orphanages, duped, or kidnapped, and transported to centres like Belgrade, where they are broken, and forced to have sex with 80 plus men a week, until exhaustion or disease render them useless, and they are murdered and disposed of. These women and girls are like your sister or your girlfriend. Many are highly educated, their only crime is being poor, or an orphan. If you met them under different circumstances, you would see them as you see any other European woman. But because they are supposedly disposable and replaceable to the organised crime outfits that run these white slave trades, they are destroyed and forgotten. Right now there are half a million of these girls being used in Germany alone.

Half a million forgotten souls.

Imagine if we could get the United Nations involved? Surely they could change that? Actually, no. Here's the most horrific element of all- in Bosnia, the whole reason child prostitution sprang up in the first place, was to serve troops from the U.N. and foreign aid workers, hungry to fuck, away from home. 14 year old girls, kidnapped or bought from orphanages, are being made to have sex with soldiers and 60 year old United Nations officials, and it is the United Nations decision makers that have constiently blocked any moves to shut the industry down. They aren't even being paid off to do this, money is unnecessary. They just want to keep the cheap sex pipeline open, because they are men with base desires, and they know they are on to a good thing.

UN Peacekeepers.

In 2004 The New York Post reported that the UN was trying to block the publication of a book by three United Nations field workers that detailed sex, drugs and corruption inside multiple U.N. missions. "Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures: A True Story from Hell on Earth" chronicles the experiences of a doctor, a human-rights official and a secretary in U.N. operations in Cambodia, Somalia, Haiti, Rwanda, Liberia and Bosnia.

But it doesn't stop there. The U.N. doesn't merely utilise the services of child prostitution rings, in many cases, they actually set them up themselves.


In 2003, U.N. officials were caught smuggling child prostitutes from Thailand to East Timor, in a ship chartered for 'peacekeepers', as well as setting up 'sex for food' schemes in Haiti, Liberia, Kosovo, and Sudan. This organisation is known to hire freed criminals as peacekeepers, yet the western perception seems to be the guys in the blue helmets are the good guys...even while they make video movies of themselves gang raping little girls in Africa.

"Freedom isn't free".

Decisions made from behind the glass of
760 United Nations Plaza, New York city, by rich, supposedly respectable delegates of the world, perpetuate and encourage the continued rape and sexual torture of little girls all over the world. So when you cruise under the conference centre next time you're driving down the FDR, you now have an idea of just what important international decision making is going on. Iraq is next, just you watch.

If only.

Dyncorp are the contractors of the international police force, and along with Halliburton subsidiary KBR lobbyists, are working in tandem with the Pentagon to stall legislation that would specifically ban trafficking in humans for forced labor and prostitution by U.S. contractors. You know Halliburton already from Fahrenheit 911...all part of the Bush family's quest for global domination, and their scheme to make you so scared of attacks from fundamentalists from the Middle East, you neglect to notice your freedom is being stripped from you in the name of 'National Security'. Oops, there goes another CIA red flag. Your file just got fatter.

Dyncorp employee, Kathryn Bolkovac, was sacked for detailing UN workers’ involvement in the sex trade in Bosnia. Bolkovac was sacked after disclosing that UN peacekeepers went to nightclubs where girls as young as 15 were forced to dance naked and have sex with customers. I have seen this happen. Dyncorp was ordered to pay Bolkovac £110,000 by an employment tribunal, yet both the British and the US governments as well as the UN continue to contract Dyncorp.

There are 1,730,000 entries for united nations child sex prostitution in Google right now. There shouldn't even be one.

As usual, religion plays its part also. In Israel, up to a million Orthodox jews use the services of Eastern European sex slaves every month. Can you imagine how many girls it would take to service that many men every month? These girls are smuggled into Israel through Egypt, which is controlled by two crime families, neither of which are subject to any kind of law.

Israeli anti-prostitution campaigner Nissan Ben-Ami: "You see a lot of . . . very, very religious men- because these men need sex but the women in their society cannot give it to them when they want it. They also cannot masturbate because they cannot waste their sperm. . . . These men also do not use condoms, therefore they must pay the pimps more." International plans to crack down on trafficking collapsed earlier this year when the United States backed out to avoid imposing economic sanctions on Israel, Russia, South Korea and Greece.

It's not the case that no-one cares, it's just that those who care have something to protect- they care about keeping the trafficking pipelines open. And in the face of public ambivalence, there really is nothing to stop them.

I have a lot more to say about this, guns, drugs, and the private groups you will never read about in the corporate media. I will append this post as soon as I have time. This post is a work in progress.

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.


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