Friday, December 03, 2010

Rape your idols.

I just saw Australia's video submission for the FIFA World Cup, designed to influence them into giving us the pleasure of hosting the World Cup (Read: Pay them millions in bribes, so whichever city that hosts it can become congested with sports fans from overseas to the extent that the people who actually live in the city no longer get to use it/get to work on time (See: Olympics/G20 Summits, etc...))

Did I mention our (failed) bid to host the Cup in 2020 cost us 45 million dollars?

Clearly, I'm not a fan...45 million dollars to prop up a tourism industry and a bunch of vendors who sell shit merchandise and public transport/taxi operators. Why not just hand them the 45 million directly?

But this isn't about that.

In the video, it shows an animated Kangaroo being chased all over Australia by a motorcyclist in black, who ends up being Paul Hogan (Who the A.T.O. recently gave up trying to prosecute because in Court you can bet his lawyers would have demanded A.T.O. show where in the constitution of Australia it is shown to be anything other than criminal to demand income tax from citizens, for use by the Central Bank that is privately owned, and exists to make a profit from the people, not for it). Paul Hogan (one of the faces of Australia) was threatened with imprisonment by this Government, but here he is appearing in a video with The Prime Minister! The same Prime Minister who's Government publicly tried to rape Hogan (responsible for more tourism than any sporting fixture in this country) for something like 95 million dollars? What gives?

But here I am sounding like a conspiracy theorist...

In one section of the video, there is a clearing near Uluru (or Ayers Rock if you hate black people), a clear space of red dirt, in which children from many ethnic backgrounds are playing soccer (there is even a Muslim girl- how excellently topical!)

And it reminded me of the "I call Australia home" commercials by Qantas, who would have you believe we're all one big happy family, and that they care about us, until you need a seat on an aeroplane with room to accomodate your feet or legs, or an airline that doesn't hate people with musical instruments.

Basically, it is the notion of Australia that they drag out for special occasions- for opening ceremonies, and video submissions to the IOC, or cheesy commercials that lie to you.

I have looked all over the real Australia for that fairytale Australia, and guess what? I have never found it.

Sure, when you're swimming in the Mossman Gorge in North Queensland, and little crabs are nibbling at your toes, you could swear you catch a flash of it. Until a family of Ed Hardy shirt wearing bogans roll up and destroy it in a heartbeat.

You see it on posters at airports and in Hotels, but it's 2D, you can't go stand in it.

Melbourne is multicultural and (apart from drunken white people), pretty safe. But it doesn't look like that fantasy of Australia that Ansett tried to sell you before they crashed and Air New Zealand/Virgin Blue cannibalised the remains.

Yes we have the reef (overdeveloped) and the beaches (increasingly polluted). Yes we have sports teams (big fucking woop), and even the occasional rock band here and there (, they're shit. Sorry).

But this notion of Australia that never was is just a pastiche of Jungian archetypes for people with money...a flashy way to kid you into thinking you're getting swindled for something.

It's like a rapist putting on some nice cologne first.

It's their way of saying "Hey stupid- look at the pretty pictures!" "Here's why you got a Southern Cross tattoo!" "Look, we're all one big happy community...except we own you, and you're our slaves!"

Great stuff.

Isn't that just propaganda?

Isn't that what we all feared about the Communist Bloc when we were in High School?

Are you sick of being lied to yet?

Or are you saying "Jeez, relax! It's just a video mate!"

I'm sure if you drink enough VB, and listen to enough John Butler Experience at a music festival, and your mates are all laughing, and the ute is full of slabs, and there's some slutty little minx from the Western Suburbs giving you the eye; then it all must feel pretty close.

But it's not.

Underneath the 55" colour High Def (possibly 3D) colours and shapes of your life, people are making sure that they end up with this country and everything in it. While you're distracted by the Top 40, they're writing laws that mean music is being crimininalised in the cities in favour of high rise apartments.
While you're reading the newspapers, the real stories that matter are being rushed by you as fast as possible, so that you don't get a chance to actually have a say in them.
While you're watching that video, and digging the colours and the personalities, and subconsciously believing everything is going to be good and right, and the sun is shining...bad people are taking any hope of that Australia ever coming in to being from you. We could have it, but we won't.

Because all the money that is put into flashy propaganda is put into it to make more money, and to give you something fun to watch while that money leaves your sphere of influence for ever.

And that's ok in a way, because money and the economy as it is don't matter and don't work for us. The real problem is, once the economy falls over, and the Government bails out all the banks, and everybody runs back to their own country, we won't have a country.

All our land will be owned by other people, often from other countries, to feed their own people, or simply "just for shits and giggles".

We won't be able to produce our own food any more.

We'll have lost our houses, because the voracious economy swallows everything. We've seen this.

Our police and even our armed forces will be tasked with keeping the peace, which means keeping all of us poor/hungry people away from the rich people. We'll be unwelcome in our own places of birth.

But hey, enjoy the video (I linked it in the first paragraph), ride the dream for a little while.

And when you're finished tripping out over how crazy I sound, look at some other countries right now, and how they're doing, and who's bailing them out, and who in turn owns those countries for all intents and purposes.

Follow the money, kids...

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.