Sunday, April 25, 2010

My corner of Armaggeddon.

When I was growing up, I had so little.

That's OK, I know a lot of people who came up the same way. I also know a lot of people who never wanted for a thing (and they seem balanced and human).

So I'm not writing this to complain at all, but I have found it gives me perspective I have never read in the Wall Street Journal, on the front page of your local newspaper.

We all know that our ravenous desire for consumption makes it possible for the 1% that own and control Governments and Nations, the bankers, the stock market people, the legislators, to control us. And if we don't, we should. The founding fathers of America warned us of the evil of "European banking cartels", even Jimmy Carter addressed the nation about it. It's nothing new, it's no big secret. It's just peoples psychotic need for comforting words that keep the volume down. The vil is real, the Devil isn't below, he's at the investment firm.

These people who tempt us with shiny things, bigger TV's, cars, luxury. We borrow to buy these things, and they raise the interest rates, trapping us. They take a lot of our money, and they end up keeping whatever it was we bought with it too. We lose houses through refinancing, all in the name of a socially acceptable greed.

So we trap ourselves, yes. But they write the small print in ways that if you could unravel the actual meaning, they would give you a job on Wall Street, for your demonstrated and rare brilliance.

One side of me hates this 1%, as anyone who has been trapped by debt may. Anyone who has been laid off from a job, who hasn't received the wage they're owed, or the benefits promised. Just fired so the heads of the company can get more of a bonus, more cream from your labour. They even take out insurance policies you are legally unable to discover, so they can make money from your death, while your family may get no assistance whatsoever.

The other side of me respects them. As evil and short sighted as they are, there is no denying their tactical brilliance, their mental acuity, their political mastery. I respect Hitler for his oratorial finesse also. But I don't support any of them. They are evil, they are against us, and they are hurting and killing not only us, but the one planet we have to live on, all in the name of short term payouts, of greed.

It's funny how they are known as the 1%, but in biker culture, which I have always been close to, a 1%er is an original outlaw. A Hells Angel, a Bandido- an outsider to society. Someone who may have come home from war so disillusioned with the society that raised them, that they cut off ties, and committed to their brothers in the club instead. The men (and sometimes women), who understood the big picture. It's funny, because, these people in motorcycle clubs are generally reviled (with good reason- they are a reaction, and far from perfect themselves), but they are the ones who a bit over halfway through last century saw the world the way we're only now starting to.

And the 1% now, the outlaws, are the men in suits, the Government, Big money, and the police who support them. Bikers aren't feared like they used to be. They're so like us!

I'm not a hippie, or even much of a greenie. I did my time organising non violent direct actions for the benefit of the environment, and left because of the same stupid politics that keeps us all tied down in the real world. People are people, after all. It's no longer considered to be a conspiracy theory when you say your Government only cares for itself, and those that line its pockets.

It's just how things are now, now we've opened our eyes.

Like I said, I grew up poor. And my whole life, I dreamed of becoming a capitalist too. That's the promise, isn't it? That if you struggle for long enough, you can do it too!

Well, you can't. You can't if you're the majority of the people, at the bottom of the pyramid scheme of capitalism.

And I wanted my turn. So badly. I wanted to walk into a showroom and buy a Hummer, and pay in cash. And I wanted to drive that motherfucker all over the country- free. And I'm fucking angry I don't get to do that, because my generation is the one left holding the bag. My generation is the one that has to do all the changing. because the generations before me got to do all of those things, and the generations after will never know them.

When I was an idealistic teenager, I used to ask myself "How did things get this way?" I used to fantasize that one day, it would be me and my friends, that take over control of the world. And we'd stop pollution, and deforestation, and murder, and everything that is wrong with us.

I thought of it like a changing of the guard, like we'd be given the keys to the world by our evil parents and overlords, and we'd make everything right.

But it wasn't like was an insidious and gradual decay. A decay where we all became infected by the same disease the old guard were dying from. Greed.

We were promised houses and cars (and with the advent of reality TV- superstardom as well!), we were co-opted into the mindset. Greed would get us there, and the more we fucked over our fellow people, the further we'd get. You want a big screen TV, right? It's just a shame there's so little to actually watch any more.

So we're the ones who the change falls upon. That's our changing of the guard. They leave, through OUR sacrifice. We give up on the dream, and embrace having less so others can have more. Not the fat cats, they leave with all the money. It's us that go without, so those who never had actually have a chance at getting something.

And I don't mind having to do it. I see it as an exciting opportunity actually- to engineer this world in a positive way for everyone. To for the first time, promote real freedom, but freedom with responsibility. For everyone to have a house, a job, health care, and for the planet to not have to suffer. It's all exciting, and I look forward to the opportunity.

But I still mourn the old, unsustainable lie. I still regret the fact I never rode in a private jet, or owned multiple residences. Wrong and stupid, I know, but that's never stopped me from admitting anything else on this blog, has it?

The middle class are disappearing. Dying out. Soon enough it will be rich, and poor, and that's it. The middle class was, and only ever was, a vehicle for the super rich to own more of the pie chart. They're almost done with the middle class, and so it has to go. They don't have a long term game plan. They're grabbing for as much of the money, world, and security as they can get, and they'll disappear behind very high walls that you paid to build, while you shit in the street.

It's not happening in 30 years, it's been happening all this time, and it's coming to a head. The end really is nigh. Soon people will be choosing sides, and selling each other out just to eat a meal. Society will be over. And millions of people will die from starvation, ill health, murdered.

It's hard to imagine when you're walking down Chapel Street to get a coffee, isn't it? It's hard to get your head around the fact we're simply running out of everything we need to survive. We're propping up unsustainable populations, and we still think there's room, that we have some fucking universal right to breed?!

We don't.

We ship food IN, there are too many of us to survive here, once order has been eliminated. The planet is past the brink, it's just going to get hotter and hotter, even if we cease all emissions now. The damage has been done, and just because you have a job and food in the cupboard today, doesn't mean you will have either of those things tomorrow.

If you've read this far, you have a mind for enquiry. If you've read this far, you already have thoughts and opinions. I respect both, even if they are against mine. At least you're searching.

I just wish I knew a way to get all those who haven't read this far to be more like you. To unplug the TV and stop giving a fuck what celebrity is doing what with whom. It's all a distraction from the rust underneath us...the crack in the dam.

I believe everything will change in my lifetime. So much already has. But I believe I'm going to see this all come down.

And when that happens, we will all cry aloud- "Why didn't we begin to think critically sooner?"

It will be more spectacular than any season finale of 'Lost', I promise you that. But at the end, whoever is left standing, will get to start again (just like Rome). They get the change to do it right this time, and to build over the mass graves of the rest of us, something worth living for.

And if they don't the cycle will just repeat again, like it always has. Until we, the people of Earth, finally realise the only way to live and know freedom, is to help one another.

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.

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sophia deadbeat said...

Max Weber is a good guy to read in regards to social action and class structure.