Friday, March 12, 2010

Fuck Islam Vs. Boong Drunk.

When I was younger, and I don't think I'm alone here, I'd take up the banner for pretty much any cause that on the surface seemed fair enough. I traveled thousands of kilometres to protest at this and that, threw my name behind a zillion petitions, and that was all before University!

But the older I get, the more I like to save the knee jerk for other people, and have a think before speaking.

Two of those thoughts I'd like to share tonight.

And of course, they will be controversial! I wondered how I went from thousands of readers to just a few over the years, does my writing suck now? No more than it ever did. I just managed to offend everybody, so off they go to less challenging pastures.

I get that. It's cool.

Thought 1.

On facebook, there is a group called 'Boong Drunk'. Or not. I think it just got deleted.

A couple of my friends joined a page demanding it be taken down, and I went to have a look.

A few years ago, I would have been one of them, but now, I just don't care. Is it racist? Is it a hate page? Maybe. Technically.

But I want to look deeper.

"Boong" is a derogatory term for an indigenous Australian. You know what drunk means. Basically, the page is taking a dig at the stereotype that all indigenous Australians are drunks who drink methylated spirits or kerosene or petrol, and who have no money.

Clearly this is not the case, so the page is uninformed.

Are some indigenous Australians so inclined? Unfortunately yes.

In some centres (Townsville, Darwin, Fremantle), is this the impression most people get from the majority of their encounters with local Aborigines? Unfortunately- yes.

Aborigines have massive problems with drinking, unemployment, abuse, violent crime, and rape. It would appear there are higher statistics for these people than for other races of people within Australia. And when your experience every day is of foul mouthed black people, threatening to beat you for a dollar (I'm talking from personal experience here, from when I worked in the centre of Fremantle), you tend to take a dim overall view of them.

But it's not all Aboriginals, is it? No, it isn't. But you wonder where the elders are? Where is the community that people speak of? The culture that is supposedly so sacred, and yet in 10 years of living in this country, I have only met 5 indigenous people who didn't fit the drunken stereotype. Why is that?

So am I saying it's right to be racist? Nope. I don't advocate running out and getting a Southern Cross tattoo, or anything like that either.

But what I am saying is- I understand where feelings like the one behind the group "Boong Drunk" come from. I understand the frustration, the anger. I see why someone might make a joke of it. And I don't see that as an evil thing. It's just an opinion.

If someone started a group called 'All Dutch Australians eat faeces and rape small children' I wouldn't blink. I'd just think the group was ill-informed, and not waste any more time thinking about it. What's with having to ban everything, anyway? Why not grow up and let it be? If you're upset about people calling indigenous Australians "Boongs", shutting down a group where frustrated people gather to share in the feeling of not being alone won't fix it. Fix the problems the indigenous have, and there will be nothing to start groups about. And personally, I don't care at all if people call Aborigines "Boongs" any more than I care if people call me names. Better things to do. Sticks and stones?

To be even-handed, I have to say that I doubt the admin of the group in question was trying to be anything other than controversial. I doubt most of the members of the group had that much intelligence, or maturity between them. But is it that much of a big deal? I really don't think so.

I'm sick of being hassled by Aborigines, and I resent the fact that no other race has given me so much aggravation, as they have. Facebook groups pale in comparison.

I'm sure you have an opinion. I'd love to hear it. Please leave me a comment. Let's not hate each other if our opinions are different, let's not attack one another. If you see things differently, be kind enough to educate me. I'm thoroughly open to that. I'd also like to publish comments, maybe start a thread about it if there is enough dissention?

Thought 2.


Can you feel the foreboding? We're not meant to talk about it. It's FORBIDDEN!!! There will be CONSEQUENCES! Well Fuck that.

I tried to be understanding about 'Boong Drunk'...I wasn't trying to step on any toes, more just propose another avenue of thinking.

But not this time.

Here we go-

If you're a follower of Islam, you are a pathetic, weak, brainwashed, embarrassing excuse for a human being.

You like that? The gloves are off!

I don't give a fuck if its racist, xenophobic, or intolerant, because I am intolerant of your life wasting bullshit. You have a sickness, and I have less than no respect for you.

Your religion is a bloodthirsty means of control by the few over the many. There is no Allah, and you can threaten those who don't share your sickness as much as you like, it doesn't intimidate me into thinking differently.

I have been to the Middle East a few times, lived and worked there, and I'm so sick of meeting Muslims who loudly proclaim Allah, while drinking alcohol with a hooker on their lap. Again, is this all Muslims? Of course not? So should the many be punished for the indiscretions of the few? Yes. Why? Because I don't have a problem with drinking or prostitution. I have a problem with the religion itself.

For the record, not just Islam- but ALL RELIGION. You are the enemy of thought and common sense.

So many words that mean blood. Halal, Sharia- barbarism. Violence infused into the laws and traditions that make up the religion. There is no peaceful, caring way through Islam. It is a gate of horror.

You can tell I'm vegetarian, right?

Seeing Muslims slaughtering goats under their apartment blocks in downtown Deira (the old city of Dubai), the children watching- unnecessary evil. It's halal- it's the only way.

So now I've set the scene, let me explain why the floodgates have opened for me on this topic.

ABC news link here

Zachariah Matthews called from the Lakemba Mosque for "aspects" of Sharia law to be recognised in Australia.

Get fucked.

Or, if you do, can I have my own law too?

Seriously. I'm not a flag waving nationalist, but don't come to Australia and try to change it into something alien to the majority of people that live here. We don't want sharia law- any part of it. You're lucky we allow you to have a Mosque!

And don't say "
The aspects that we would be looking at are definitely not the penal code system, in so far as people's fears around the cutting off of hands for the crime of theft and the stoning of adulterers"...we all know you want that too. Of course you do- it's the law of Islam! You want to get your foot in the door, then push and push for more, until you break this country the same way Britain has been broken. I consider myself a leftist, but get some perspective!

Go live in an Islamic country if you need it so badly. Not here.

But that's the point, isn't it? You think we're so stupid we don't see what you're attempting? In exactly the same way you have polluted Europe with your sickness, you want millions of Muslims in Australia too. You want this, so you can rise up and kill everyone who isn't like you. Total intolerance. And you use this countries tolerance to sneak it through!

Don't get it twisted- even if you were born a Muslim in this country, if things don't change, you will be deported or jailed. People are sick of you. You're the new Catholics. You kill us, you kill each other, and now you want your laws here.

Why are all those Lebanese who pray at lakemba not in Lebanon? Oh, that's right! War! Terror, violence, blood, hate, and fear!

They are here because they fucked their own country. Islam didn't save them, did it? So they come here, and want to make Sydney Beirut?

Fuck you.

I have Muslims living on either side of me. I live in Coburg- Muslim capital of Melbourne. Do I fight with my neighbours? Nope. I even help them. I treat them like human beings. But as long as any human follows religion, I see them as dangerously retarded.

It's 2010. There is no God. And if there is one, you all better decide which one it is. And then from within that, work out which branch of all the sub-religions is the one he loves the most. Protestant? Catholic? Sunni? Shi'a?

I'm over it. I can't believe people still drop to their knees and put their faith in a magical flying teapot, instead of facing life and making it worth something.

I have massive respect for the Salvation Army and other benevolent organisations, I just wish their mandate wasn't religious. Why can't we just be people?

So send the suicide bombers, draw your swords, come swarm on me with indignation and righteous fury. I don't care.

I'm over you. And I'm over the press pussy footing around the issue. And I'm over my friends who think I'm Hitler because I speak my mind (without threatening anyone or anything).

Religion is slavery. Islam is a state where the slaves will fight for their right to stay enslaved.

Bring on armageddon.

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.


Margarita Milonguita said...

Carefully, you might get stalked by Tabloid Tonight...

Good to hear someone express an opinion- whether people agree with you or not.

I live in Newport which is Leb populated. The only thing I'm sick of is the smell of rubber and the sound of burn outs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Knifey I agree that the 'Boong Drunk' page is very ill informed and extremely trivial to the drunks who drive cars and take lives. I'm not that offended instead I'm taking you up on your offer with a longer than average comment to inform you. Speaking from my own experiences as a black person that I personally know dozens of black people who don't drink and beg out of street gutters like our 'boong drunk' enthusiasts would like to say. What you see and they fail to see is the most extreme cases of alcohol addiction today. It is just one of many forms of addictions in our society with a particularly negative Indigenous focus. I wonder if other addictions such as drugs or gambling in all of its ugly glory gets as much attention. MY SYMPATHIES for the bad language you have experienced in the past it is actually a SYMPTOM of alcohol over consumption)! Team it up with aggression and it could be anyone Indigenous or not. Mad as hell and if they are after you will find how quickly you can run the 50 meter dash. These beggars are usually people from DRY remote Indigenous communities meaning no alcohol allowed. Alcohol is legal in most parts of Australia and is widely accepted in Australian Culture via the lively VB ads. Slim Dusty's 'luv to have a beer with duncan' was not inspired from drinking NON ALCOHOLIC beverages with yer mates. Therefore in my opinion alcohol is more lethal. Luckily for most people in cities, urban and even rural areas you have to keep a job which requires a person to remain sober hopefully throughout your working day or something. As a part of a working society just to keep the roof over head, bread on the table etc etc. If you had a problem with alcohol at least it can stay behind four walls and a closed door. For these people there is little or no employment and NO ALCOHOL where they're from. Chasing their addictions they arrive to your town or city drunk and HOMELESS! To beg off your gutters and inconveniently play out their whole lives to the public drunk. All the while other people, black and white are zooming past in their new cars whingin with the rest of Australia about payin the bills. People can say if you have a family that should keep you grounded but does that philosophy apply to anyone else who has an addiction. Do you think drug addicts don't steal from their own family to get their next high, what about gamblers who gamble the grocery money and their families will go without. Addictions are ugly and if your a person who has nothing to gain like the job, the house, family or car you never had you don't have anything to loose their tomorrow will always be the same. Finally you are probably thinking at sad you only know 5 Indigenous people who aren't like that could it be that you aren't making an effort or vice versa? Ignorance is bliss but leaves one open to assumption as for your gripe with religion here are my thoughts GOD IS REAL and he is PERFECT. JESUS IS LOVE and Forgiveness but it is men who are imperfect. The Bible is our moral reminder but men will pick and choose what they want to remember from it. If you read you will understand that all these extremist religions fail time and time again to acknowledge, I can think of two at this moment of the 12 commandments 'Love thy neighbour' do you think this would work in Israel and Palestine and finally 'Thou shalt not kill.' Like many others I hope they find peace.

knifey said...

Hi Anonymous.

I apologise in advance for the rambling nature of this reply, I'm beyond tired and not very 'with it' right now...

Thanks so much for taking time out of your life to share your perspective here, I very much appreciate it.

And a good perspective it is, too.

I can see how indigenous people watching whites zooming past in fancy cars while they come from a position of unemployment/homelessness could incite an inner rage, especially if they are drunk.

But I also believe in choices, and picking your fights. I don't drive anything, I ride a bicycle. I've been homeless too, for a (thankfully) short spell. I got out by making friends with people who helped me when I needed it, and I have since returned the favour (if not to them, then someone else in need). So to try to fight with me is not only ineffective, it's dangerous for THEM. I train 7 times a week in military tactical fighting systems, and I don't take kindly to attempts at bullying. I don't run a 50 metre dash for anyone, least of all drunk aborigines with an aggression problem.

The point here is, for indigenous people to approach me in a negative way actually shows their racial ignorance or intolerance, because otherwise, I would never have had an effect on them at all. We'd just live our respective lives, with our respective problems, in a peaceful way.

IF they drink, it's their choice. I don't care how hard your life is, being perpetually drunk is just copping out.

I agree alcohol is a lethal drug, and deserves more focus on its negative effects. But even though it is de rigeur in Australia to enjoy a beer at the footy/whatever, I don't cave in to the pressure to drink. I don't drink alcohol. That's my choice. Indigenous people have that same choice available also.

knifey said...

(Part 2)

Addiction is a choice, and I have no sympathy for anyone who falls under it. As much as I don't support 'Boong Drunk', my point is that I do see why they're so fed up with the indigenous stereotype, why they're making fun of people who in reality, aren't funny at all. It's a coping mechanism, for having to deal with disgusting scum, who should fuck off somewhere where they don't bother people who are just trying to live their own lives. Their addictions aren't my problem, they never were, and they never will be. And if they approached the issue from a different angle (like you are right now), I would be a lot more sympathetic to their plight.

Of course there are many inspirational, talented, beautiful indigenous people in Australia, but 'Boong Drunk' isn't talking about them. It's not claiming all indigenous are alcoholic- just the alcoholic ones!

"how sad you only know 5 Indigenous people who aren't like that could it be that you aren't making an effort or vice versa? "

You're right, I have made zero effort to seek out more positive encounters with indigenous people. It's my fault I don't have a broader base of experience, and I accept that. I have no experience with people from Greenland or North Korea. And I'm fine with that too. I don't claim to be an expert on aborigines, or koreans, or anyone else...just sharing my feelings on my blog. I'm not going to seek out aborigines any more than I'll seek out koreans. Whoever I meet naturally I will develop an opinion of through the meeting, but I see no point in engineering meetings or experiences with any race. Indigenous or otherwise.

And so I am happy when people like you stop in to edify me with your personal experience.

As far as religion goes, it's still a free choice (something many religions have sought to take away from the rest of us by violence, intimidation, or falsehoods). With this in mind I celebrate your decision to make a choice and to follow it, and I hope it serves you in a positive way. I have made it clear I simply can't respect anyone that fills their head with nonsense like that, but you are welcome to make your choice.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Hi Knifey good points, I had to chuckle to myself with the last para on 'filling their heads with nonsense like that' on religion. Ok fair enough.

It's anon again are you groaning 'oh no!'. My apologies for my previously long-winded comment too ha ha. A little more of your time please then I will leave you alone.

I've stumbled across your blog accidentally I found it entertaining and informing because of the way you tell it like it is without being bias cept for the point on 'Islam.'

Let me pick up anyway about choices are there for everyone if you know where to look but like I said we are talking about addiction. If you are educated enough which is lacking too in those communities because of their remoteness, it might help people make more informed choices before addiction takes hold.

I don't make any excuses for their addictions & behaviours it is, what it is. I just wanted to give a little insight about where they might be coming from where there is hardly anything sometimes not even basic health care.

I don't believe you can compare circumstances because not all playing fields are level still that's no excuse however I do have compassion for those who can't get out of a rut. I'm a big fan of living and learning for some it just takes a little longer.

My dear you live in Melbourne you have better access to everything. I lived there myself til this year. The white people zooming past in fancy cars I mentioned black people as well there are these two completely different worlds side by side.

It's just an eg. I used, black people see them too but we don't want to get involved. I used to live in Darwin & whinged bout being black because of the constant 'sis have you got $2, I was every-one's sis!

Sure enough I did run the 50 metre dash almost got into a punch up with a Groote Eylandt guy at a bus stop because I ignored him. He was more than twice my age accusing me of being from some part of SE Asia or NZ & I didn't belong in OZ so I experienced racism too.

As for copping out I too am angry to see how this situation is but as a black person trying to explain this manifest is way too complex so I'll give it away.

Hopefully over time with more education, raising awareness about alcohol addiction, substance abuse etc with better access to rehab in remote areas this shameful problem will diminish.

I will only read your blogs & not post anymore as I've done enough posts to last a life time. Thank you for taking time out of your life to reply but like I said I just had to let you know bout this can of worms.

Anonymous said...

My name is Dan Im a former Marine and War Veteran. I have to say I was so disgusted for the lack of appreciation the Muslims had for us it made me sick. Im American and I have a tattoo on the back of my head that says FUCK ISLAM I will stand by this till the Lord judges me but Jesus died for my sins and yours. God bless us all and thank you

darenkov said...

interesting posts. it's good to see that people aren't afraid to voice their opinion.

i think people are a bit precious these days. we live in a very politically correct country.

i echo your sentiments. i don't consider myself a racist, moreso a generalist. if 99/100 of my experiences with aboriginals are the same (and they are), then there is a good chance that the next 99/100 will be the same too.

i was born and lived in a remote community for the first 12 years of my life. it was full of aboriginals. i've lived on streets where i was the minority and i copped a lot of racism as a white guy getting called all sorts of stuff - 'white honkey', 'dog', 'c unt'.

i still treat every individual on their own merits (and had some good abo friends in the past) but to be honest i have low expectations when it comes to aboriginals and i don't apologise for something when it is just the way it is.

knifey said...

Guys, I just came back to this post after all this time and read the latest comments- I'm sorry I didn't sooner, but I was back in The Middle East, and didn't have access.

I just want to thank everyone for their perspectives. I'm sure no one will return to read this, but just in case I wanted to say that.

I like it how we have people from quite opposite sides of the tracks, all expressing opinions and talking with one another, about strong opinions, yet still getting on and being respectful.

I dig that.

linc said...

My thoughts exactly. Except for the vegetarian bit.

Ive grown up with boongs and my current worker is Iranian and an ex muslim.

This is appropriate timing considering ive just seen adam goods get a 13 year old girl kicked out of the MCG during the first game of ''indigenous round''. Is seems that awareness isn't enough to solve the problem anonymous. We have all been aware for decades.

Part of the problem is we continue to segregate aboriginals. Why have an indigenous round? what about anglo round? what about Italian round? lets celebrate Steve alessio and Silvagni.

Maybe throwing money at them and hoping they will sort themselves out doesn't work. Maybe we have to change it up. Maybe a bit of tough love.

My worker told me yesterday that if a sunni muslim kills 3 shitte muslims before lunch they go straight to heaven. I could could go on for hours about the frustration religion creates but I wont.

I just hope England riots after an innocent man was hacked to death for ''Allah''. Round up all the Muslims (and catholics for that matter), lock them up and brainwash them into think there is no god or afterlife. theres only one life - don't fuck it up - just be nice.


Anonymous said...

Linc you make me want to laugh on so many levels your point totally contradicts itself. The Indigenous round is just to acknowledge the First peoples but for some reason white fulla's just always seem to get their back up about that issue and start to feel threatened ha. If you really want to know you would have some understanding its like me telling you to simply go home to your country of origin. Which is the dumbest thing I could say to you out of ignorance. Have you ever heard of legacy. Like it or not Aboriginal people were the first peoples and for that they were enslaved and had constant surveillance on them until the late 70's early 80's. Worked for no money while this country was propped up on their backs in infrastructure. The state of QLD black birded and put all their black people to work in the 40's 50's 60's and 70s. That's 4 decades of accounted wages look it up under Stolen Wages
from thousands of people but when the equal wages act was passed nobody wanted to employ blacks or any other nationality that was not white except for slave labor under the White Australian Policy. Because of the same ingrained attitudes that we were not worth the money we earned. To counteract every social problem all we need to do as a people is not believe in stereotypes of any form. I don't have to conform to what the media or the rest of Australia thinks of me. I am a child of God first than anything else of whom I was made in his image. I am not religious because religion is just a set of rules and rituals. NO I have an actual relationship with my savior the Lord Jesus Christ.In the end all everyone needs is a job but to be told constantly that we are not worthy or that people don't expect too much from us. We were not even recognized as people belonging to this country until the referendum in the 70's. Still I believe this country is great and I am thankful for all the contributions that were woven into the very fabric of what this country is about today and why?Because I am free to work (which I do believe it or not), worship and live the way that I want to. I have a lot to be thankful for and you should be too.

knifey said...

So now it's 5 years later, and this page keeps topping the stats for this blog, so I thought I should read it again nd marinate on if I feel the same way.

One thing I wish I had said re: Indigenous Australian's is this-

When I was growing up in New Zealand, Maori culture and rituals (tikanga) were ubiquitous. It's hard to grow up in NZ and not learn a fair bit of Maori language (Te reo Maori) by osmosis. I think it's an important step to teach children a whole lot more about who was here first, what their cultures and languages were, and about their medicine and technology. All subjects that engender respect. We need to be taught about the horror and injustice Australia has visited on its Inigenous people ever since the first fleet. We need to establish a collective attitude of responsibility for that. Obviously most of us aren't directly responsible, but we need to own it the same way people in the U.S. need to own the fact their dead relatives (in many cases) owned slaves. We absolutely need more indigenous on TV. I am so glad there are indigenous models out there like Emily Cattermole and Samantha Harris, and this agency ( that is trying to represent authentic Indigenous models, to put Australian faces out there into the collective zeitgeist. We need to know more dreaming stories, we need to show Indigenous Australia they are not only welcome (in their own country), but NECESSARY. Because as long as non-Indigenous Australian's feel separate from our first people, there can be no cultural/societal unity, and the problem becomes (or remains) inter-generational.

In the years since this was originally posted I was lucky enough to become friends with a Muslim man here in Melbourne. He was from an extremely violent and infamous crime family, and he had been struggling against the prejudice that his surname seems to create for years. He worked hard, had a career path, kept his nose clean, and fought to escape the gravity of his families reputation. And we talked about religion. While he didn't change my mind, and I didn't change his, I was glad of the exchange. The fact that even though we were both totally opposed to each others ideology, we liked each other as people, ate together, socialised, had each others backs in a tight corner- the things that matter. I knew when I originally wrote this that all Muslim's aren't bloodthirsty maniacs, that's obvious. But moderate Islam doesn't tolerate things like marriage equality (which a majority of Australian's support at the time of commenting). Islam makes you fundamentally different from the majority of Australian's in a way that will lead to friction. And there are plenty of Muslim countries to live in, so if sharia law is your thing, or banning gays, then you can live there and be happy ever after (as long as it isn't one of the Muslim countries torn apart by sectarian violence (almost all of them)).

Put simply, if people can just be people, none of this shit would matter. But when you decide you're special and right and above everyone because you read a book and believe in fairies now, trouble will ensue.