Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aqueous Underscore.

There's something irreversible about a ship on fire.

A boat, a supertanker, a yacht, it's all the same. Fire being the great equaliser in that scenario. The result- oil on the water, flotsam, jetsam...bodies.

And of course it appeals to our shared subconscious -Archetypes: Fire and water, air, and the fear a total absence of earth provides. And death, let's not forget that. The dark rider, his horse floating even above the depths, dancing on the high tide mark. Amphibious in his jurisdiction. The Jungian motif.

It must look like an eclipse from below. A dark shape surrounded by a halo of fire, the sky blackening around it, providing contrast. Black eyes watching from the deep, anticipating the arrival of fresh meat, a slow rain of alien objects. Ropes, steel, televisions, all drifting to the ocean floor, awaiting further instruction from physics.

Muted sounds of metals colliding, rending, thrashing legs and arms, lungs filling.

They say that drowning is the most peaceful way to die, gradually breathing in water, falling asleep, drifting into restful blackness. I can guarantee you that this is untrue, and speaks nothing of the terror, the wide-eyed flailing panic, as you are suffocated by the very elements that comprise you. There is no peace, no surrender, just the dark, exhaustion, sadness.

And the knowledge that your body will go under, stay under for days, being sampled by denizens of the waters, until hideous bloating causes you to rise again, like a pale, bony jellyfish, for the gulls to use as a makeshift island of rotting nutrients.

Not much to celebrate.

But what is it that separates us from the boat? From the water? From the air above us and the life flashing silver below us?

Nothing, but our minds. Our consciousness, the thing that makes us 'us'. The same thing we simply cannot find with science, with machinery, with chemicals.

We are all the same matter, organised into different piles, mixed in different ways. We're all from the same source, and we all return to it. Death returns us to the water, the soil, the air. And from that point we are re-organised again, into flowers and sidewalks and the skulls of small mammals that grow into rats and live on ships again. And ropes and motors and paintings. And food for cats.

The one thing that makes us fight for this thing we call life, our individual and impossible to locate mind, the seemingly spiritual link to our corporeal body, is itself, invisible. The inner voice of the matter inside us. The periodic table, each element a note, the life signal a melody we hear with our hearts, not our ears. With our minds, not our brains. A wistful bumble bee flight when we laugh. A shuddering crescendo when we die. A soundtrack as long as we live...

There's a lot more to think about in this life, than what we may right now. And sometimes, it's necessary to live dangerously, to escape complacency, to make our senses available for the reception of that signal, in order to see things as they are.

...Our ship is on fire.

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


There's not much time to write this, the situation in Tehran is changing by the minute.

For anyone on Twitter, or utilizing any other means that Iranians have access to (Satellites are jammed right now), please forward the following information (All posts conform to Twitter 140 character limit, Persian translations follow):

-Iranians who are trying to connect to twitter or other sites and need a way to connect please visit this website:

-ايرانی که سعی دارند به هم وصل مى كند يا سايت های ديگر و هيجان‌ وارتعاش‌ نياز به ديدن اين سايت خواهش هم وصل مى كند.

-Stockpile safe water now, in case the Government disconnects services.

-ذخيره‌ حالا آب سالم, در مورد خدمات disconnects دولت.

-Do not RT resistance tweets on Twitter. They are unconfirmed and can get people killed.

-نه tweets مقاومت در هیجان وارتعاش مصيبتهايي پشت سر. اخبار ضد ونقیضی هستند و می تواند كشته شده است.

-Helicopters are dropping liquid teargas. Keep bottled water with you, as well as rags in plastic to wet + rinse affected areas.

-هلي كوپترهاي مايع خرش گاز اشک آور است. حفظ آب بطری خوردم با شما, و نيز در قالب‌ پذير ژنده مرطوب به تاثير تمیزش کنید.

-Do not jam Iranian Government websites, this slows down traffic for people needing to get word OUT.

-نه دولت ايران سايت جام جم, اين ترافيك خواهين عميق احتياج داشت تا مردم به حرف بزنيد.

-Non violent resistance only! As angry as you are right to be, break the cycle of then you are better than they are!

-فقط مقاومت شديد غير! خشمگين هستند كه شما حق و بقیه از چرخه خشونت است.. .show سپس شما بهتر از آنها هستند.

-Close one eye when use of flares, flashes or bright light is used. This saves your night vision.

هنگامي كه يك چشم بسته از نمى توانم احساسات خودم استفاده و یا گرمای خاصی نور استفاده شده است. شب بندهٔ بینایی شما اين است.

Break windows and mirrors of unattended government vehicles, pour sugar in the gas tank, cut tyre valves.

درهم شكستن شيشه هاي ساختمان آيينه نگهداری کودکان بی سرپرست و وسايط نقليه دولت را شكر در اتاق هاى گاز تانك, صور دريچه‌هاي قطع شد.


هیچ tweets ناديده گرفت كه به تشويق استفاده از خشونت, اين استراتژي را تضعيف خواهد شد. نيرو در اعداد, سرود,? ! !

-Use #Neda a primary hashtag. Push to #1 trending topic, avoid multiple posting/confusion.

يك دوره ابتدايي hashtag #neda استفاده كرد. رهبر ارکستر شماره 1 به موضوع اصولگراي انجمن‌هاي فشار, اجتناب از طریق فرستادن/درهم مي‌آميخت.

Free VPN accounts for Iranians - protect your privacy & avoid blockings.

حساب vpn آزاد برای ايرانيان حریم شخصی شما حفظ

When grabbed by police, remember to go completely limp, so it takes 4 or more to carry you away.

هنگامي كه مر دميکه توسط پوليس, به خاطر دارم كه كاملا فلج برود, طول میکشد 4 يا بيشتر به شما را حمل دور شد.

Make photocopies of Neda's face and hand it to police, army, guards. Paste it on walls, cars, doors. LET THEM SEE HER FACE.

نبوت ختم را ندا و آن را به پلیس, ارتش و سپاه پاسداران است. خمير آن بر ديوارها, خودرو, صورت گرفت. اجازه بدهید آنها بود.

Use paint on surveillance cameras, use mirrors to disorient shooting police. NON VIOLENT RESISTANCE ONLY.

استفاده از دوربین های نظارت در نقاشي كند, استفاده از آينه‌هاي ناجورشدن‌ به تيراندازي پليس. فقط مقاومت کرد.

Change your location and time to TEHRAN to confuse the Basij. Bury them in information...old school hack style.

تغيير محل و زمان را به تهران را به نیروی مقاومت بسیج نباشیم. اطلاعات ايشان را دفن.. كهني مدرسه سبك میشود.

-Hold up your QU'RAN!!! Let the police see you are all the same people, don't let them think you are a mob. You are Iranians, just like them!

-شما نگاه قرآن! ! ! پليس میبینم شما همه همين مردم, اجازه ندهند که آنها فکر می کنید که توده مردم. شما ايراني هستند, درست مانند آنها!

Feel free to comment more info in my comments section, be aware that this blog is archived by the Australian Government- so NO COMMENTS ENCOURAGING VIOLENCE.


Please read this Twitter timeline from NiteOwl, for an idea of what has been developing...

1. There was a protest planned today at Enghelab Square in Tehran. However, the whole square was filled with police. The police attacked, beat down on protesters and dispersed them with tear gas. However, the whole city of Tehran was crowded with protesters. As we reported in the last brief, the IRG had expressly been given the authority by Khamenei to violently crush the protests if any start to take place after Friday. (After the protests were over, it has now been confirmed that tanks have rolled in Tehran late at night/early morning)

2. Other protests took place in Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad, Rasht and Ahvaz. Protesters were attacked in all the above mentioned cities as well as in other areas of Iran. The situation seemed to be extremely critical in the cities of Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan and Rasht. There were incidents of violence against protesters in Ahvaz as well. Reports have also come in of protesters lashing back at IRG and Baseej with at least one Baseej base in Tehran being burnt by angry protesters. Molotov bombs have been used during the protests on a wider scale than before by protesters. It has also been confirmed that in Mashhad, a very large number Mullahs accompanied the protesters.

3. The government claimed as the protests were continuing that a suicide bomber had attacked Imam Khomeini’s shrine. They also claimed that many people had been injured and killed in the incident. However, sources have not confirmed any such attack. We cannot at this point confirm or deny whether any attack on the shrine took place from all our sources. Iranian TV continues to claim this attack has indeed taken place. MSM might have more on this, but treat it with caution.

4. During the protest, helicopters dropped a strange liquid on protesters that we’re still trying to determine the nature of. It has been claimed variously that the liquid was tear gas. Some sources have told us that people who’ve had the liquid contact their skin have developed burns on those spots. But as of yet, we cannot positively identify it.

5. In Tehran, Baseej and possibly IRG forces burnt down a mosque with protesters trapped inside, according to sources. They could not confirm if any protester had actually died or had been injured during the incident.

6. Even though larger protests have subsided, there are still people out on the streets in Tehran and other cities. It is being claimed by sources that the wave of arrests is continuing even at 1 AM Iran time. People are chanting Allah o Akbar and calling Ahmadinejad an oppressor as well blaming Khamenei for supporting him. Throughout the day, the number of people who were arrested has remained unconfirmed, but sources claim that thousands have been arrested, consensus being on around 3,000 and possibly more. Running the numbers and adding them to our previous number of 5,000 arrested before today, the number of people that have been so far seems to have reached somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand. The number of people killed during the protests is anyone’s guess. Sources have confirmed at least 4 death that were recorded on video in Tehran. But the number could be much higher, probably somewhere around 100 or maybe even more as militias have been seen directly firing at crowds of people on several occasions by our sources. The government is not releasing any data on that as of yet.

7. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been the spearhead of all the attacks within Tehran. The Basij is helping them. As we had reported before, the IRG had been authorized by Khamenei to use extensive force if necessary to quell the protests. The police have this time also been active in the suppression of the protests but not to the level of the IRG and the Baseej. The remainder of the military has so far taken no action.

8. It has also been claimed that IRG is soon to take complete control of the capital and possibly the major cities where protests have taken place. This is said to be a measure in order to stop protests from happening in the first place. Confirmation is still not as positive as it is in other cases reported here.

9. Mousavi was present during the protests but was unable to deliver his prepared speech. He said that he is ready to be martyred for the cause of people. Reports of his detention and freedom have come from various sources but it seems that for now he is safe. He has called for a general strike throughout Iran.

10. Reformists and high-ranking Mousavi supporters are now being arrested in massive numbers. Sources claim that the Iranian government wants to completely isolate Mousavi so he has no way of contacting the outside world. However, Mousavi continues to manage to get messages out using his sources.

11. As the injured were shipped to hospitals, many were directly taken away into custody without even reaching the hospital. Sources also confirm that government forces then went to hospitals and picked up the injured, hauling them out and taking them to undisclosed locations. The arrest of injured protesters is so massive that our sources have pleaded with everyone inside Iran to NOT go to hospitals.

12. Several embassies in Tehran opened up their doors to injured protesters. They include the embassies of Slovenia, Dutch, Italian, British, Australian, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark and Germany. There are rumors of other embassies opening their doors to injured protesters as well; however, they cannot be positively confirmed. It has also been confirmed that the Canadian Embassy has closed its doors and turned away injured protesters and told them they are not accepting anyone. (Edit: However, now - 4 hours after the writing of this brief - some secondary sources claim Canada is accepting them and have put on a request for more doctors to come and join them in helping injured protesters.)

13. It has also been reported that Baseej, IRG and police have been stationed around the embassy to intercept any protesters who try to enter the embassies. Many people have so far been arrested on route or close to the embassies and taken to undisclosed location.

14. Sources confirmed that the government is taking forced confessions from arrested protesters and linking them to Western nations. The Iranian TV showed confessions of several protesters. One protester claimed that he had been taking orders from sources in the UK. The TV news stories have been so far blaming the UK and Israel for the violence and have hinted at possible involvement by the US government as well.

15. The Iranian Ministry of Interior has taken extreme measures in order to protect its internet services and data from hackers trying to sabotage their systems. Most websites helping Iranian online protesters have pleaded to all hackers not to DDoS any government-run websites or internet services as this would also create severe problems for Iranians using internet as well and quite possibly might cut off connection to them.

Lastly, follow this link for info on cyberwar.

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.