Friday, October 19, 2007

En Garde!

Legalization of Dueling.

At last! A group worth joining (thanks Josh)!

...And the only group I belong to that I didn't, in fact, start.

The comments are in general, quite good, but as usual, mine was the best.

"I have to say, most days you'll find me on a street somewhere, bitch slapping some fool with my sweet backhand, and taunting "I demand satisfaction!" Of course if they have any huevos at all the lightsabres come out and we get to gettin'. I'm still here, so clearly I am a fan of the duel. And wearing tight pants. That's just how I roll."

Anyone can mention the Spanish word for eggs, and lighsabres in the same paragraph deserves a knighthood at least. And the right to bear arms anywhere they like (airports, hospitals, foreign Embassies...).

Of course it's your (pathetic) right to disagree, in which case feel free to meet me on the main street at dusk with your laser sword, and a flunky to pick up the two halves of your lifeless body and stuff it in a bag when I'm done with you.

Who knows? I might even carve him up too, just to mess with you.


This is knifey, from 'the internet'.