Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bloodbath en route to...

Our story starts with a girl, like most good stories do.

She was an Irish girl, with green eyes, and long jet black hair. Let's call her Jess. Jess is a heartbreaker. She was created by the Universe to utterly do in the heads of all the worlds boys.

She wasn't unattainable, by any means. If the boys took their time, and treated her like a princess, she would eventually give up the goods. For a time. Before she changed her mind and walked away, with whatever explanation struck her fancy in the moment. She never meant to hurt anyone, but like all wild forces of nature, given a long enough time line, injury or death were inevitable. Besides, there were always more boys.

Of course, this is the part where the boy enters. Let's call him Horatio. Boys can't be heartbreakers, so let's call him a heartless bastard. He was far from unattaniable, just ask one of the hundreds of women he had wasted his time on, until he too changed his mind and walked away. He never meant to hurt anyone, but, know. Besides, there were always more girls.

So one afternoon, Jess and Horatio meet. They tried to be friends, both knowing the power the other wields over members of their sex. They both hastily construct defenses and walls, to throw the other off the scent, that they both thought the other was the most desirable thing they had ever seen. Jess punched him in the arm several hundred times over the course of the afternoon and evening, and we all know what that means. Horatio, for his part, did his best to not be charming or good at conversation, peppering their time together with long impenetrable silences. But still neither of them would go.

Jess would ask "What are you thinking about?", and Horatio would reply "Some thoughts are best kept to oneself." to which Jess would retort "Well, do them on your own time!", and punch him in the arm.

They were doomed.

Jess would tell Horatio all about her thoughts, the ones she never talked about, and Horatio would say "I need a graph for that." Jess punched him in the arm.

And so, the two most impossible to keep people in the world, fell for each other.

They both knew it was doomed, that one would eventually leave the other, and because of their shared phobia of commitment, they both loved that situation.

And when their bodies came together at last, every other body before felt like it was made of cold wax in comparison, the warmth, and the softness, and the heat, and the strength, and the moisture, perfect. And the fact it wouldn't last, made every breathless moment precious, they celebrated each tick of the clock, each drained bottle, every trip to the laundrette. They rarely used the heater, if you know what I mean.

And instead of fearing the loss of personal space, the alone time, they adored it, knowing one day in the future they would have more alone time than they could work out what to do with. Knowing that one day, their space would be nothing but personal. And Jess clung to Horatio, not wanting to let go. And Horatio adored Jess, hoping he had changed, and that this time, he could keep a girl for himself.

And after a spell, they came to realise. All Horatio needed was the right girl, and Jess needed the right boy. And then, they knew there was no need to go anywhere. Because the reason they had always made their excuses and walked away from every other person, was for one simple fact.

They were made for each other.

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