Thursday, December 09, 2004

For the Workforce, Drowning.

You know those utterly infuriating cunts that have liked The Birthday Party, Einsturzende Neubauten, or even Ice T for that matter since the day they first appeared on planet earth, and act like they hold the monopoly of cool as a consequence?

Like, you will never be as cool as them, and every time they look at you with that mirthful twinkle in their eye, they remind you of the full force of their arrogance?

Well, I'm not like that.

I don't only share recipes, I share music.

So read this, and be educated. And one day, when people start talking about this post with utter reverence, and it's quoted in all the annals of music reportage, you can lean back in your chair and say "Yeah, I commented on it...the day it was posted...waaaaaay back when".

I should get started, right?

Here goes-

I know I'm old, because I really don't care about emo.

But I'm not so ignorant that I don't know what it is.

I do like the odd bit of Navio Forge and Glassjaw etc, but that's for something different.

The kids nowadays, I tell ya...they like breakdowns and singing about their feelings, and MESA Triple Rectifiers.

And that's alright by me.

But like all genres of music, once in a while something comes along that grabs your attention, and although it still typifies the genre that spawned it, it manages to inject something fresh to the mix also.

And that band is 'Thursday'.

When I read the track listing, I was hooked already, but had to be cautious, because I made the fatal mistake of doing the same thing with Coheed and Cambria (who suck incredibly, but all the O.C. watching myspace kids in the U.S.A. love them like they're Led Zeppelin or something).

The difference is, that vocalist Geoff Rickly can not only sing like a bastard, but he writes the most engaging lyrics I've read in forever (and that's a long time, yo).

Check this out...

For the Workforce, Drowning.

Falling from the top floor your lungs fill like parachutes
windows go rushing by. people inside,
dressed for the funeral in black and white.
These ties strangle our necks, hanging in the closet,
found in the cubicle;
without a name, just numbers, on the resume stored in the mainframe, marked for delete.

please take these hands
throw them in the river,
wash away the things they never held
please take these hands,
throw me in the river,
dont let me drown before the workday ends.

9 to 5! 9 to 5!

and we're up to our necks,
drowning in the seconds,
ingesting the morning commute
lost in a dead subway sleep
we will not lie awake in our parents beds,
tossing and turning.
tomorrow we'll get up
drive to work,
single file
with everyday
it's like the last.
waiting for the life to start, is it always just always ahead of the curve?

please take these hands
throw them in the river,
wash away the things they never held
please take these hands,
throw me in the river,
dont let me drown before the workday ends.

just keep making copies
of copies
of copies
when will it end?

it'll never end,
'til it gets so bad
that the ink fills in our fingerprints
and the silouhette of your own face becomes the black cloud of war
and even in our dreams we're so afraid the way we'll offset who we are
all those breaths that you took have now been canceled in your lungs.
last night my teeth fell out like i want
my teeth fell out like ivory typewriter keys
and all the monuments and skyscrapers burned down and filled the sea.

and save!

save our ship
the anchor is part of the desk
we can't cut free,
the water is flooding the decks
the memo said through colors
computers spark like flares
i can see them.
they don't touch me,
touch me.

please someone,
teach me how to swim.
please, don't let me drown,
please, don't let me drown.


I mean seriously, how fizli is that shit???!

And I think that most of you reading this could identify with it too, wasting time at work, as you do.

To be perfectly frank with you, it does sound better with the music going at the same time, but as far as lyrics go, I think they're great.

For a bio, go here:

For the worst review I've ever read (with the exception of one by Laurence Pritchard regarding Knifeyard), check this out.

In contrast, there is a better one here.

I am so waiting for Duck night on Tuesday, Book Books xXxmas Party, and the much anticipated arrival and subsequent kidnap of La Nadine.

But then, you already knew that, didn't you?

This is knifey, from 'the internet'.


The Pink Kitty said...

Am I lame because I don't know who Coheed or Cambria is? (Correction, I have a friend named Cambria but that's entirely a different matter). Maybe it's because I don't watch the OC or something.

I'll check out this band for sure! I like music! I like to rock n' roll! ;)

You've Got What I Need... said...

It's a good album indeed... If you like band Knifey maybe you should give The Perishers a listen when they come out with their full length in Jan 2005. Watch out though, emo spreads like herpes at sleep away camp, and there is no known cure for either.

knifey said...


I'll throw a Thursday mp3 in with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes, and drop them off Saturday night...

Dxxxx said...

Whoah, thanks, nice lyrics. I'm sure they would kick major butt with some chunky guitar riffs behind them....

I think I'll print them and stick them up on my cubicle wall !!!

I am one with the lyrics...

Thanks for sharing

la nadine said...

*packs handcuffs in case knifey deosn't have any*

*for the kidnapping*


Alli said...

thursday are fabbo.
i got sucked in when i heard understanding in a car crash. then i heard war all the time, then i just had to get their cd. it definitely is a 'better kind of emo'.
or something.

fluffy said...

"I'll throw a Thursday mp3 in with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes, and drop them off Saturday night..."

for me? different kitty

*tips hat to kitten, pink kitty, la nakitty, etc*

if so... thanks!

also thanks for sharing with the music discoveries. dropping new hot band names keeps the kids at my work guessing. the thinly disguised truth is that i have no idea what cool is anymore. it will happen to you too. be afraid.

knifey said...

It will NEVER happen to me...please check my next post to find out why.